Getting Started

What is Mvfm.com.my?

Mvfm.com.my literally meaning "make video for me" is a professional online video editing services to help individuals and SME businesses to build quality Videos.

What does Mvfm offer?

Mvfm offers professional online video editing services for a range of events such as weddings, short video ads, Live action explainers, logo animation, intros & outros, apps & website preview, gaming trailer, commercial & corporate, marketing, brand ad and product promo.

I don't have video but i need video for my small business?

We doing all kinds of video editing with fully customized video from scratch – even when you do not have any of your own footage.

What are the costs?

The cost will be based on the length of raw video and editing type of you request, There are different packages with rich features for users of all experience levels. Please request your quote by contact us.

How quickly i can get my video?

The average turnaround time for a standard project is 3-7 working days. We also offer express delivery option within 2 day at additional cost of RM300.00.

Do I need to pay the full amount before I see the final result?

For packages that already available yes but for customize video you pay once you are satisfied with the final result.

I don't like the video you made?

Do not worry. Every packages come with some rounds of revisions, In order to get the best outcome, we encourage you to give detailed instructions on how you want your video to be edited. We will then do our best to edit the video as per your instructions.

Why is there a watermark on my delivery?

After any review or revision is done, we will delivers your order, you will see a watermark on the video preview. You will be able to download the original video once you made the full payment. This is setup to protect our work.

I worried about the privacy of my footage?

We do not keep your footage. Once we receive the final payment, we delete the footage immediately. This should give you the confidence that your data will always be safe with us. We use SSL standard to secure our home-page and our file exchange systems.

What if i accidentally delete my video or the video you send isn’t in a format i request?

Do not worry just talk with us we provide 7 days after sales support.