Send Us Your Footage

Once we have had a chat about your requirements you can send us your footage safely without worry.

Yes when the filming is over, you can send us the raw footage straight away without rename the files or arrange them. Trust us your video editing services completely. Choose the most suitable cloud storage to send us your file via any cloud storage but we prefer using Dropbox.

If you have large video files but slow internet speed the best way to do this would be copy it on a USB hard drive or memory card and can courier to us.  You can also upload large footage through a large online cloud storage such as Dropbox or WeTransfer but bear in mind that multiple video files can be large in file size so may take some time to upload. Once we receive your footage we will send a confirmation email and transfer your footage securely to our drives and ready to be edit.

Below are the safe link to upload your raw footage.


Can You Provide Your Own Cloud Server?

MVFM Own a cloud storage. Yes we can provide our own cloud storage, the upload speed can be amaze and impressive you, Login now to upload your videos!