• Game Trailers

      If you looking for exciting, epic and interesting video for your online game or Steam game/app, Congrats, you have reach to our favorite editing category ever. We have vast experience in making game trailers doesn’t matter 2D/3D/RPG/MMORPG and we have created many trailers to numerous game server in the world. We’ll use our limitless creativity to edit a breathtaking video, which will catch people’s eyes.


      For the editing. usually, we need the footage of the scenes you like us to add and you can send to us in any format but we prefer mp4 format. We would be very happy if you have knowledge to record your own game play because we need provided footage of the game or apps, catchwords, or audio for best rendering. kindly take a note that for the audio you can provide us the game audio or we will add a free audio that suits your trailer video.


      Putting together a trailer or a promo isn’t your average edit. It requires pacing, rhythm, sound design, motion graphics and exciting visuals! It’s a stylized edit that is much different than most, all of which I understand and can deliver.

      As stories in gaming become more and more prominent, it’s almost a staple for each new game to have a strong cinematic presence. Even in games that feature online-only play, it’s no secret how important the characters, lore and cinematography are to a video game’s commercial success.


      We want to offer our abilities to help create the cinematic or gameplay trailer of your dreams.


You will just provide the footage and I will take care of the rest! We Provide : 

    • Speed Manipulation
    • Music Synchronization
    • Colour Grading
    • Motion Graphics
    • Intros and Outros
    • Royalty free music
    • Smooth Transitions