• Video Editing 

      Videos are one of the greatest ways of reaching your audience in an effective and impactful way. And we here to do that work for you, so you don't have to worry about anything.


      If you are looking for edit your random videos to something exciting, We can make your worst random bunch of videos become one perfect, exciting life/travel video, that we guarantee to be ideal. you will feel like a Hollywood concept.


      Our scope is editing only, we do not provide a service such as production, shooting on sites, or planning. Length of a video does not determine the quality delivered. Every video will be of the best quality from an editor and post production stand point. Please Keep in mind that we cannot upgrade any footage to be of better quality, but definitely can render to high resolution as best we can. Video size is what if often called resolution, basically the number of pixels stored in the video file and video quality is independent of size and is usually called compression.

      If you look for something specific, such as subtitles, color grading, animation logo, motion graphics, text effects. Every project is treated differently. There you will find different packages that will fit perfectly with your requirements so you don't have to pay extra costs for the service you request, Check out our packages options to see which one will suit your project the best. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! 

S ome of the editing you would like us to take care of :

    • Video Direction
    • Color Correction
    • Intro/Outro
    • Audio Mastering and Mixing
    • Split/trim/join clips
    • Text/subtitles 
    • Photo enhancing and filter effects
    • Stabilizing anti-shaking 
    • Create a video or animation from your pictures/ clips
    • Create graphics overlay for videos
    • Video logo embedding and watermark
    • Motion Graphics Design
    • Adding Background Music/Royalty free music/ License music
    • Removing Background Noise From Audio
    • Typography & Text Animation
    • Adding Voice-over
    • 2D Graphics Design
    • Special Effects
    • Slow Motion
    • Green Screen (30 seconds per gig)
    • A rolls / B rolls / Royalty free footage ? premium footage